H A P P Y! 

“Reading my personal numerology chart for the first time was like opening a door to understanding myself and a deeper connection to the world around me.”
-Chelsie Brooke

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the oldest science in the world, it’s a study of how numbers influence our universe & a way of understanding of the connection to thyself.

St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430), wrote: “Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

& Pythagoras taught that numbers are the building blocks of all life and all creation.

Everything in the universe carries energy,

including every letter and number.

Your name and date of birth gives insight into the kind of energy you are working with in life.

… it’s understanding the magic of  numbers.

How learning my numbers has helped me:

To put it simply, it gave me hope, faith, and reassurance. 

I first discovered Numerology while watching a talk show. This lady started to quickly tell people aspects of themselves by calculating their Life Path Number using their birthday.

It sparked my attention and the more I watched, the deeper my curiosity grew.

I’ve always known about astrology….but numerology?

 So I started doing a little research.

(To say it pulled me in would be an understatement.)

I was taken back by how much reading my personal calculations felt like me.

It quickly became my own personal study, I started keeping notebooks and filled them with names, birthdays, notes of interpretations, and studied the history.

It’s given me a better understanding of myself, people around me, and how I can show up better.

but for the longest time, I hid my studies from others. I mean, Numerology isn’t something talked about often, most people have never heard of it.

( life fact: there is not such thing as normalcy)

But as time went on, I learned that it has been used and studied basically forever. Different religious and spiritual beliefs have some correlation to numbers from ancient Greeks, Chinese culture, and even Christianity with studies lasting for thousands of years. During the 19th century, when scientific discoveries concerning light, magnetism, and electricity were being made, the theory that numbers corresponded to energy patterns of vibrations became popular.

 I believe when understanding your numbers, you have a better understanding at balancing your energy patterns.

Years later after my own discovery, after breaking down some walls and years of study, I’m sitting in bed creating this page to help others the way numerology has helped me.

…..because this too is in my numbers.

It’s simply another way (an old science) of understanding yourself and getting to the basics of how to break old habits and form new self beliefs.

It’s seeing the superpower within all of us to live a life filled with purpose and understanding that where we are now is preparing us for what’s to come.

Every single thing we go through in life is part of our story, there is light in every night’s sky; numbers are like the stars that can help guide the way.

Discover your personal numbers and how they can help you! 

( All reading are written and mapped out by hand before being typed out, I do not use a computer generator. This allows me to truly connect with your energy patterns and tap into what and how I can truly help you ❤ )




Option 1

If you’re new to Numerology and are curious to see what the buzz is about with this “numbers thing”, then this intro reading is for you! Learn 3 numbers that are influencing how you’re feeling in the cycle of life right now and tips to feel more grounded in your own happiness. All into readings are customized to your unique numerical code and happily delivered to your inbox! ((NOTE FOR PURCHASE: At checkout, please be sure to INCLUDE YOUR FULL GIVEN NAME AT BIRTH & YOUR FULL DATE OF BIRTH for proper mapping & accuracy))


Option 2

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Dive into your personalized Numerology chart and discover how learning your unique pattern can help you live happy, be healthy, and feel empowered like the superhero you are. Included: Your chart delivered to your inbox & 45 min video/phone call (your choice) to talk all about you and life. ((NOTE FOR PURCHASE: Please be sure at check-out to include YOUR FULL GIVEN NAME AT BIRTH AND DATE OF BIRTH for proper charting and accuracy))




“I cannot even describe how wildly accurate my number reading was. Every single interpretation spoke to a space in my life. Some things felt by me but never said aloud. Chelsie gave me confirmation, motivation, and encouragement.  This has been one of the best readings I’ve ever had.” -Michael Gillespie (@gillespie.official)