Getting clear & grounded in 2020



JAN 6, 2020

New Year, New Decade, New You.

Let that cliché saying sink in for a minute.

Now believe it.

Studies show it takes at least 30 days to “try” a new habit, but between 60-120 days to make a new habit feel natural.

I like to think of the first 30 days as the honeymoon phase. It’s where you get to try something out to see if it’s something you really want to incorporate into your daily lives.

After those first initial 30 days though, you might begin to slack because you start to feel that resistance.

I mean, you just dedicated 30 days to it, a few days off won’t hurt, right?


You’ve got to keep going!

Do it over and over again until it becomes natural and you don’t even have to “think” about it.

Because there WILL be times where you don’t feel like you’re doing enough and want to give up.

There WILL be times where you just don’t understand the purpose anymore….

….and with that comes the times where you need a community of people to remind you that you’re doing great and to keep going!

That’s where The HappyHelper’s Focus Group: Getting Clear & Grounded in 2020 comes in.




This is an exclusive focus group for women looking for sisterhood to learn from, lean on, lift up and grow with. 
Each week, you will be asked to face yourself, the path you’ve lead and get clarity on where you’re going and what you can do to get there. 
We will dive in and explore the worlds of our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies while gaining knowledge on how to navigate them in our day to day lives. 
You will be asked to give honest feedback to others and accept them for who they are and where they are on their journey.
Together, we will build our foundation that helps us live happy, be healthy, and feel empowered like the superheroes we are. 

We will feel our worth.

We will use our power. 
We will create our magic.

This requires you to have an open mind to community and communication.
This requires trust with yourself and others.

Who this group is for:

This private group is for women ready to make small changes in their lives to create a big difference.

*Are you ready to break the cycles of limitations and create the life you desire?

*Do you believe Health & Happiness are keys to success?

*Are you committed to showing up, doing the work, and putting yourself as a priority?

*Are you ready to put focus on your daily habits?

*Are you open to a community of other women who hold space for you, as you do for them?

*Do you want to learn more knowledge relatable to everyday life?

If you answered either “Yes” or “Fuck YES!” to any of these questions, this group is right for you!

What you can expect:

*Guided self-reflection, soul-searching, and personal goal setting with milestone recognition.

*90 days of community support from women you can learn from, lean on, heal and grow with

*People to hold you accountable. When life throws a tidal wave your way, these are the people that will help you weather the storm as you do for them

*An overall look at life:

*Holistic Nutrition Counseling from a certified holistic nutritionist

*Weekly live recorded chats to discuss new topics, circle recognition, and check ins

*Knowledge you can use to help you live happy & be healthy

*Guest Speakers from many walks of life, each with a unique perspective on how they’ve found health & happiness

*Challenges – Compete against yourself to become a stronger hero today than you were before

*Journal prompts to unleash your inner thoughts

*Did I mention badass support?

All the above has been specifically geared to help you find yourself happier, healthier, and ready to shine your light!

What do I need to do?

  1. Have access to the internet
  2. Show up.

That’s it.

The most important thing you need to do for this is believe in the power of investing focus on yourself.

After you sign-up, you’ll receive access to the private HappyHelpers group along with a packet of things you can do now to prepare for our start date! 🙂

Why invest in yourself?

It’s a fact that when we put our money where our mouth is, we take it more seriously.

Investment = Commitment 



G U A R A N T E E 


If, at the of 90 days, you showed up, did all the work and don’t feel happier, healthier, or more empowered, send me proof of your work and I’ll send you your money back!

That’s how much I believe that every person has inside of them the powers to be their very own superhero.


Are you ready to Get Clear & Grounded to Live Happy & Be Healthy in 2020?

The Happy-Helpers Focus Group: Getting Clear & Grounded in 2020

An exclusive focus group for women wanting to feel grounded in everyday life to live happy, be healthy, and feel empowered like the superhero you are. ($75 monthly fee) Buy your seat for January now & save 33%!