“A person who is flat chested is very hard to be a 10.”

Words from our current president, Donald Trump.

This is me.




I am a 10.

How do I know this?

Because I look at myself everyday in the mirror and say it.

This is not asking for it.

This is not degrading myself.

This is not attention seeking.

My worth is not in the hands of another human being.

My beauty is not determined by another human being.

Especially older white men of America.

It’s disgraceful that we as a country still allow women’s rights to rest in their hands.

(Read the latest Supreme Court Ruling on birth control here)

It’s both heart shattering and fueling that they continue to place females as second class to males.

But listen to me;

And read this next part over and over again.

I’m talking to you.

Yes, you who has actually made it this far.


YOU ARE A 100.

And if you don’t feel as such….

IT’S TIME to do something about it.

Get naked and go to the mirror.

Stand there and admire your body.

Begin with your eyes and stare back at your reflection.

Notice all the different colors looking back at you.

Move your eyes down your temple.

ESPECIALLY the parts you don’t want to face.

Give those areas more attention,

more time,

more touch,

more love,

because you deserve it.

with every scar,
stretch mark,
and burn,
are a 10.”

This isn’t for a man.

This isn’t for others.

This is for YOU.


Yes, physically too.

Because despite what others may say,

Your beauty IS determined by you.

& I know for a fact you can be flat chested and still be a 10.

With great love, beauty, and grace.

Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke

P.S. If a man can work outside all day with no shirt and it not make a fuss, I should have the same freedom too.

22 things you need to keep stocked in the kitchen

keep these items stocked in your kitchen to make shopping, planning, and cooking easy-peasy while helping you live happy & be healthy

  1. Whole grains – Brown rice, quinoa, barley, etc. (You can buy these in bulk to save money and stock.) This is perfect batch cooking when meal prepping. It can serve as a base for your meal, mixed in with soups, or tossed in salads.
  2. Dried beans and lentils – Pinto beans, black beans, cannellini beans, kindest beans, red lentils, brown lentils, etc. (buy in bulk to save and stock)
  3. Canned beans (no salt added) – Please for the love of your health buy canned beans with no added salt. Canned beans are more pricey than dried beans, but they come in handy.
  4. Oatmeal – steel cut or rolled
  5. Whole grain pasta – because we all love pasta and whole grain is the healthy way to go.
  6. Canned tomatoes (no salt added) – Use these to make your own pasta sauce, chili, soup, etc.
  7. Vegetable broth (low-sodium) – perfect for soups and to use as a base for other recipes
  8. Frozen Fruit – Hello smoothies, snacks, and toppings for oatmeal
  9. Frozen vegetables – Don’t stress about always buying fresh, frozen veggies give the same nutrients
  10. Frozen cooked whole grains – These are great to have in hand when you’re busy but want that added nutrient rich filler
  11. Nuts ( no added salt or sugar) – perfect for snack and recipes
  12. Flax, chia, and/or hemp seeds – simple way to get a power boost by sprinkling on top of oatmeal, toast, salads, and more
  13. Fresh Fruit – because fresh fruit is a must.
  14. Fresh Vegetables – fresh veggies are life.
  15. Nut butter – mmm,
  16. Herbs and spices – onion powder, garlic powder, basil, oregano, thyme, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, etc. These all hold such powerful nutrients our bodies need to thrive, so remember it’s more in the flavor. 😊
  17. Whole grain wraps – make breakfast burritos, tacos, veggie wraps and more
  18. 100% Whole grain bread – don’t fear the bread, just eat the good kind
  19. Dried fruits – dates, raisins, berries, and others are perfect for snacking, tossing in salads, and mixing into recipes
  20. Fresh Salsa – It’s more than dip for chips
  21. Nutritional Yeast – vegan, packed with nutrients, and gives food a yummy cheese flavor
  22. Cereal – because every pantry needs cereal. And yes, healthy cereal is a thing

Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke