Hello, magical human

My name is Chelsie Brooke
I’m a mother of three, sister, wife, and your new friend.

I believe the greatest power of all is love, in that we give to ourselves and each other. When we start within, the rest falls into place.

For every small change has the potential to create a big difference in our lives. 

Finding our power in life lives within our daily habits, from the food we eat, movement we create, and nurturing our emotional state.

There’s a light that we all carry that guides us through and along the way, we discover that we all have power within us and there’s a community filled with people to inspire you, accept you, and love you.

So, let’s explore life together, to live happy, be healthy, & feel empowered like the superhero’s we are

❤ ❤ ❤

5 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I love food and cooking is a form of therapy to me, especially when I create a healthy version of one of my childhood favorites.

2. I love Numerology.

3. I love to dance. Anywhere, anytime.

4. I’ve built my circle and I’m proud of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. As I know many of you can relate, I grew up in a dysfunctional family and while I held onto that sadness for so many years, it motivated me to create my own traditions and circle of people. It’s knowing how to turn pain into power and that we are all on our own journey.  I am blessed to have a team of magical individuals who inspire me to become the best version of myself.  For even the ones who have hurt us, taught us some of the greatest lessons. You will hear about them, often.

5. I know there’s magic in life. I feel it.

I’m doing what I feel called to do. In the words of one of the happiest souls that I’ve ever known,

“always follow your gut” – Mama Monica (Nana)