Questions to ask yourself in 2022 (FREE PRINTABLE)

Enjoy this free printable in collaboration with “What A Babe” Podcast as an extra treat for the listening babes to kick off Season 2 in 2022!

This year is all about the relationship with yourself.

It’s time to put yourself first,

to make yourself a priority,

to schedule the appointment,

to unplug and do something that brings you joy.

2022 is about YOU.

We are often our biggest critics, learn to be your biggest cheerleader.

Become your best friend.

Face the parts of yourself that you’ve kept hiding away.

Question parts of your life and make adjustments where it’s needed.

Be intentional.
Be grateful.
Believe that you are worthy of creating the life that you desire.


The “What-a-babe” community was started by a talented and beautiful babe, Heidi, who wanted to create a safe space for women to connect with each other in a way that make us feel seen, heard, and validated while giving inspiration to be the best versions of ourselves.

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If you loved the printable, you’ll want to check out this article with Journal prompts for self-reflection and direction.

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