What I learned about myself after talking with Author B. Benfield

Author B. Benfield is the definition of southern charm and inspiration.

She’s a contemporary romance and women’s fiction writer, mom, wife, and my new best friend to geek out on books with. I’m honored she gave me the opportunity to sit down and interview her for The HappyBeHealthy Podcast.

A little back story, we went to  High School together and over the years have kept up with one another through social media. Even back then, she was precisely what you think of when you think of a “southern lady”: warm, loving, smiley, and just radiating a “let’s sit down and chit chat” kind of energy.

To be completely honest, I was both thrilled and nervous going into this conversation. Nervous because, until a few years ago, I never considered myself a reader. It was quite the opposite. I believed that there were two different types of people: those who were bookworms, and those who weren’t. Honestly, I just didn’t understand how someone could get lost for hours reading some make believe story; But more than that, I didn’t understand how one could comprehend it.

When given a book assignment for school, I would read the same chapter over and over again, constantly getting frustrated with myself because I couldn’t remember what I was reading. That’s when I had just made it up in my mind that I was not a book person, that I was in that second group of people. At least until a few years ago when I read The Choice by Edith Edger. That book changed not only my perceptive in life, but her story encouraged me to read more.

My husband, an avid reader since childhood, bought me a Kindle so I could continue to pursue this new joy, and Ms. Gray (yes, I named it) now goes with me everywhere. Because I’d always believed I wasn’t into books, I never gave much interest into learning (or caring) much about the different genres; I just always found myself reading whatever sounded appealing. If I liked it, I kept reading. If I didn’t, I stopped and began another. Ever since, I have fallen in love with self-help books, romance novels, biographies, history, and really anything that really makes me feel connected to human emotion.

I love soaking in knowledge, especially about life and how people navigate through it.

I went into this conversation with B. Benfield with the mindset of “I’ve never been a book person until recently” and you can very much hear that in our conversation. She answered my ABC type of questions (“What’s the difference between women’s fiction and modern romance?”) without making me feel “less-than” or uneducated, and I appreciated that more than I think she’ll ever know.

After listening to our conversation and doing some serious self-reflection, I realized I’ve always truly enjoyed reading, I was just intimidated by books.

I just hadn’t found the right stories.

Growing up my favorite books were the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” collections. Anytime I was gifted with one, I would immediately dive into other peoples’ stories and loved getting a glimpse into someone else’s mind. When I became pregnant for the first time, I read any and all parenting books and stories from a mothers perspective. I’ve also always loved to read personal blogs; the intimate kind that gives that feeling like I’m reading a piece of their journal. Things they wanted to say out loud but couldn’t – or wouldn’t.

What I now know after talking with Britney, is that I’ve always enjoyed reading.

And I still do, so much so.

Especially when it shares personal truth.

This is what I love about the book Discovering Truths; it’s real life.

It is a love story but with a different twist.

It talks about real life issues that happen everyday…to any of us.





Coming clean.

And it ends in a way that’s unexpected, leaving me wanting more.

I have now read countless romance books and none of them hit the way this one does on a subject that is so close to our hearts and marriages. Britney pulls you in and takes you into a woman’s mind while on a journey of self discovery, yet all the while she’s suffocating.

It’s brilliant.

She’s brilliant.

And I’m going to stop typing before I give anything away.

You just need to read it for yourself to see exactly what I’m talking about. She surprised me with dropping some big “Breaking News” teasers and AHHHH! I’m just so excited!

Thank you for opening up your heart, home, and story with me.
I am forever grateful.

With much love and happiness,

Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke

Author B. Benfield

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You can purchase her newest book, Discovering Truths on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and her website!

**Listen to this podcast episode to hear Author B. Benfield open up about her life, how she transitioned into becoming an indie author, and what’s next on her journey.

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