13 things you can do to help the quarantine blues.

1.EARLY BIRD RISER. Wake up before everyone else and dedicate this time to you. Watch the sunrise, workout, journal, cook breakfast, start your morning with habits that help you feel more focused, motivated, and accomplished.

2. WATCH THE SUNRISE. Wake up, grab your coffee, and watch nature’s free art show in the sky as the darkness fades and the sun begins to shine. Every day it’s different with colors out of this world. It’s therapy.

3. GO OUTSIDE AND SMELL THE FLOWERS. If you live in a place where you can go outside, take some time to smell the air and notice the sounds of the birds, the colors in nature, and textures around you. Doing this brings you into the moment, calming the nervous system

4. SET YOURSELF A “SOCIAL MEDIA SCHEDULE”. Don’t get on social media first thing in the morning, give your brain something beneficial and grounding to wake up to before getting sucked into the online world of scrolling. Set your own goals to be able to get on social media.
Example: “I don’t open my apps until after I’ve had breakfast, journaled, and did 10 push-ups.”

5. KEEP A JOURNAL. Now more than ever we are collectively in an emotional “what the hell is going on?!”
We are living through a time that has never been seen in history. Our grandchildren will be asking us about this, what will be say about how we lived through the world’s pandemic? You have a chance to literally write your story and, in the process, use it as a tool to help balance your emotional health.

6.  MOVE YOUR BODY. Dance. Run. Jog in place. Do leg lifts while you’re doing the dishes or squats before you get in the shower. Better yet, schedule a dance party before bed. Moving the body helps release physical tension and emotional build-up, as well as support your spiritual health. ((Dance parties are a must.))

7. EAT GOOD. It’s simple- when you eat good, you feel good. When you eat crap, you feel like crap. The body needs whole healthy foods to not only survive but thrive. Foods like fresh greens, vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains support your immune system and help keep you grounded mentally.

8. CLEANSE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. What you see on your newsfeed matters. It matters a lot. Since you’re on the app anyway, unfollow pages that don’t really do anything for you. Only follow pages and people that inspire you. Pages that makes you think or feel a little deeper by sharing their truth or knowledge. Follow things that makes you want to live a more conscious, creative, kinder, and helpful life.

9. CALL A FRIEND. Social distancing is hard on the heart when you have good people in your life to share it with. We are all in a time of needing more connection and conversation. Take the time to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or the friend that you usually text. Call someone just to say hey and check in.

10.  READ SOMETHING NEW. Open a new book or finally finish that one, dive into an ocean of articles, or do down the reddit whole on a subject. Reading sends us into a new world, expanding our minds and a chance to view things from another perceptive.  

11. IT’S OKAY TO DO NOTHING. It’s okay to binge watch that show and not feel guilty while eating a whole bag of chips. The laundry and dishes can wait, you won’t be punished for laying in bed and letting it pile up for the day. In fact, you’ll probably love it and most likely your body needs the physical rest.

12. CREATE. Use your creative mind to do something different. Play with colors, textures, words, or movement. Get your creative juices flowing. The act of creating is said to help us make sense of ourselves and of the world. (We will see the creativity in people during this time.)

13. START SOMETHING NEW. Plant some seeds to grow a garden, join a social media group, start or join a challenge, begin writing your book, try a new recipe. Why not? You’ve got the time, fill it with somethings that encourages you to grow in someway and not stay stuck in the same every day patterns.

Like all things you read in life, I encourage you to take the things that feel good to you or spark some interest to try in your own life.

Stay grounded everyone.

Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke

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