5 Habits for a Happy Morning



Studies show the happiest & most successful people are those who have a morning routine.

Before the rush and all the things that pull us in different directions begins,

(Especially if you are a parent. You need a routine for you before your littles day begins simply for your sanity. )

5 Habits for a Happy Morning:

🌞Wake up before everyone else.

There is something so peaceful when the house is silent, you have the ability to truly wake up before all the noise and daily demands. It gives your body (hello nervous system) time to fully get rolling after resting for hours. This can radically change your mood when your brains creativity is at it’s best and no one wants anything from you. Waking up before everyone else gives you time to do things for YOU and as an extra bonus, get a jump start on your to-do list.

🌞Move your body.

After being still for a long period, your body is craving movement.
Moving your body in the morning helps get everything pumping & flowing while boosting your mental clarity. It’s the perfect time to workout without distractions and gives extra power to balancing and improving your mood and mental clarity. Also, those who move their body in the mornings are more likely to make healthy food choices.

It doesn’t matter if you do yoga, dance around your kitchen, go for a run, get your booty burning with squats, or simply wiggle around….just move.



Start with a list of gratitude. Our mind is at it best in the morning and because of this, we have the ability to positively impact our brainsΒ  (aka help out those anxious thoughts) and get a creative flow (this is when that part of the brain is at its peak). Before the adult “daily to-do” list starts running through your mind, journal in a way that prepares & encourages you to handle the day. (If you need some journaling inspiration, click here)

Jounraling is like free therapy and it’s amazing tool to use to see and reflect on your inner growth.


🌞Watch the sunrise.

It’s freaking beautiful and you need this in your life. Period. Even if you can’t “watch”, make a point to look at the sky, the colors are therapeutic. It has been proven that watching the sunrise helps us physically and mentally by fighting against stress, anxiety, and depression by putting you in a better mood at the beginning of your day. It’s something so simple and free that you can do to see colors in nature that you never knew existed.
p.s. one of the best parts of watching the sunrise, it’s different every single day.
(I look out the back door 10 times a morning πŸ˜…)


(photo on the same day, 4 years in a row from my backyard ❀ ) 

🌞Superhero pose.

It’s scientifically proven to give you a sense of “power” and boosts your brain giving you the feeling of confidence.
Stand tall, shoulder back to open up the heart, chest out with your hands on your hips. Hold for two minutes and think of things you are going to accomplish and enjoy for the day.

You are a superhero who has full power to have a happy day and handle your shit.


(Image from happyhealthycouple.com – view their site to learn more about their mission)

You can begin with just one, just start your day for YOU.


Cheers to creating a Happy Life!

Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke

Show us your morning routine & inspire other on Instagram be using #happybehealthy


Chelsie Brooke is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Connection Enthusiast, and Happiness Advocate who believes that we all deserve to feel heard, be seen, and to use our superpowers within to create a life we love living.Β 

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