Benefits of Bananas

Go Bananas Over Bananas!

How amazing is it to know that the earth created a super food that is easy to carry, quick to eat, and the peel helps feed our soil?

Perfect for a baby’s first food all the way to the golden years, bananas offer a list of benefits longer than a drug store receipt. There’s no doubt that bananas should be a staple food in our every day eating habits.

One of my favorite thing about bananas,

Meaning, this sweet yellow delicious fruit is cost friendly, averaging .40 cents per pound. This makes it affordable to throw in every child’s lunch box with the ability to offer it at breakfast and snack time as well.
Plus, for those who are super active, they make the perfect pre-workout snack, giving your body sustainable energy.

(Did you know? Botanically, bananas are a berry!)


  • Enjoy them as a whole or toss in recipes!
    Bananas can be used as a binder and natural sweetener in recipes. Once you learn about how powerful these yellow beauties are, you’ll want to explore all the different ways to indulge in them.


Some of my favorite ways?

[Over ripe bananas are 8x more effective in enhancing white blood cells.
The dark spots = TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which can help when fighting cancer cells.




Bananas = Brain Boosting Power

Bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to promote relaxation and mood.
They are high in amino acids; these will keep you happy and relieve your stress. Magnesium and calcium protect against depression.
Lots of potassium for even more brain power.


Eat a Banana a day to improve memory and concentration.


Benefits of bananas

11 Healthy Benefits and Fun Facts:


Currently, there are 1000+ different varieties of bananas growing around the world. However, 95% of banana exports come from a single cultivated variety called the Cavendish variety


Great first food for children, adults, and up into the golden years.


Packed with Vitamin B6, which reduces joint inflammation. It also fights type II diabetes, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and improves your nervous system.


Well ripened bananas contain a fiber in them that maintains and improves bowel function by enhancing the movement of waste through bowels. Eating bananas on a regular basis may help relieve constipation.


 Eating 1 banana a day increases immune system support.


Regularly eating them can lower your risk of Kidney Disease by 40%.


Bananas contain phytosterol which lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and maintains the health of blood vessels.


Helps curb sugar cravings. Eating sugar in the form of a whole fruit has a much different effect on the body than consuming isolated (processed) sugars in sodas, candy, and sweets. Fruit is loaded with fiber, water, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which make it so healthy that research has shown that no one, not even those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, should avoid or highly restrict fruit (unless directed by your medical professional*).


 High in potassium (potassium helps normalize the heartbeat. when we become stressed, our potassium levels drop. eating a banana can be beneficial in rising our potassium levels back to normalizing and helping our happiness).


High Iron, helping those with anemia.


Healthy Gut equals a healthy immune system, and recent research has found that the gut has a ‘brain’ of its own, helping control our mood and mental state.



I hope you learned a thing or two…

the more you know, the more you grow.


Your Happy Helper,
Chelsie Brooke
Certified Holistic Nutritionist


* I am not a medical professional. Nor do I play one on tv. But to be fair, I have seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy (4 times), Private Practice (2 times), House (2 times), so…….. No, seriously, for legal reasons, I am NOT a medical professional. But, Plant-based nutrition did save my life, and my mission is to help as many people as possible with the knowledge I’ve learned along the way. =)

I’m always looking for new recipes to try, tag me on instagram @happybehealthy or send me your favorite banana recipes! 

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